Julie Annabelle Schimel Professional photographer | Story Teller | Equestrian

The function of our opening to the reality can be less what reveals it to us than what makes a screen and weaves a veil preventing access to the reality of things.

We used fashion to make a mockery of today's society - about how technology (in a very large sense) creates a veil between what is truly real and what we think we see.

The story is about a girl stuck in a world that only reflects herself, where she chooses modern tech over nature - There are themes about the loneliness of vanity, and a longing for human connection that is diminishing in such a digital age.

Art direction. Ash K Halliburton
Photography & Editing. Julie Annabelle Schimel
Fashion stylist. Oana Vasilache - Angelique Hoorn Mngmnt
Make up Artist. Yvonne Nusdorfer - Angelique Hoorn Mngmnt
Hair stylist. Erika Nuijten - Angelique Hoorn Mngmnt
Model. Iris Oldenzeel - Elvis Models Amsterdam


Look 1. 
Top Jutka&Riska, hipster Weekday, parka Samsoe via Zalando, sunglasses Liu Jo.

Look 2.
Necklace COS, blazer American Vintage, skirt Marques Almeida via stylebop.com, booties Topshop.

Look 3. 
Top and trousers David Laport, shoes & other stories.

Look 4. 
Bra 10days, ribbon top custom made, trousers David Laport, boots Lemon Jelly via Zalando.

Look 5.
Raincoat asos.com, dress Victoria Beckham via stylebop.com.