Julie-Annabelle Schimel Julie-Annabelle Schimel Photographe professionnelle | Vidéo | Communication

The function of our opening to the reality can be less what reveals it to us than what makes a screen and weaves a veil preventing access to the reality of things.

We used fashion to make a mockery of today's society - about how technology (in a very large sense) creates a veil between what is truly real and what we think we see.

The story is about a girl stuck in a world that only reflects herself, where she chooses modern tech over nature - There are themes about the loneliness of vanity, and a longing for human connection that is diminishing in such a digital age.

Art direction. Ash K Halliburton | Fashion stylist. Oana Vasilache |Make up Artist. Yvonne Nusdorfer | Hair stylist. Erika Nuijten | Thanks to ANGELIQUE HOORN MANAGEMENT for all the talents | Model. Iris Oldenzeel - Elvis Models Amsterdam