If my work should have a meaning, it would be this one: capture inexplicable, unique, strange, magic moments … Moments of one second resulting from our most intimate thoughts….as we wink… like a dream.

I like imagining disturbing, lugubrious and dark universes where even the purest and the most wonderful of the beauties, plunged into the black could only be sublimated by strong contrasts. Worlds lost in our imagination; moments stolen from our unconscious …

Structured as tales and fables, my pictures are based on bibliographic reflections, on infinite researches regarding our way of observing what surrounds us. The objective is to create unhoped feelings where an immediate reality lead the spectator in a much deeper dimension… to the essence of things.

My artistic work is inspired by real stories, by philosophic principles and by literary works such as those of Kafka or Ionesco: universes loaded with symbols, absurd stories and without any sense, where, a first reading surprises, shocks, seduces and locks the reader into labyrinths which lead finally on wrong goals. Indeed, I like the intense stories, which represents a simple reality, often hard, hidden under a world of glitter.


Julie-Annabelle Schimel is a Parisian photographer who has resided between France and Spain developping her photographic work in both countries. The essence of the creation with the camera caught soon this artist who knew from the beginning that she wanted to devote herself to the world of the image : to transmit with this technology her dreams, fears and imaginary, to explore the world, to reinvent it, create universes…
Nowadays she lives in London where she’s developing her fashion career. She has been working with important company’s and people such as LLUMM STUDIOS (photography), the Kir Royal Gallery (art), Miguel Angel Font Bisier (cinema) and a wide range of fashion professionals contributing with her innovate vision in all the works she realizes. Projects that reflects her genuiseness and “savoir-faire”.
Her first solo exhibition inaugurated at Kir Royal Gallery had a great success and reception to the critique and a wide coverage in the national and international mass media.


Featured on Photo Vogue Italia many times. (+ Best of feature)
Featured on Lens Culture competition "Editors choice"
Web publication on,
Published in Design Scene (print), Vulkan, Nasty,... 

Designer lookbook : Kelly Guerden, Maud Op t’ Land (AMFI Amsterdam), Heide Both. 
Spain (older). Cover + editorial for Tendencias Novias and Tendencias Niños

MORROCO. Festival Orient’Art Express – Collective exhibition together with the plastic artist Dalila Alaoui and an individual project – installation + short film – for “Le monde des jarres”.  + General graphic design for the event : posters, invitations, book…
MORROCO. Biennale Internationale de Casablanca – Installation about our relationship with our inside universe and the outside world. Live performance on site for the opening.
Solo exhibition – RE NOUVEAU – at Kir Royal Gallery. A serie of 9 pictures showing the destruction of the nature by the human being. Live performance for the opening. – Re Nouveau in different art fairs : Amsterdam Show Case, Berliner Liste (Berlin), Art Fair Madrid.